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Advice available

New Reed Petals = better bottom-end performance

Would you like to improve the bottom end performance of your black engine Beamish and protect your engine from potential damage for just £15? Of course you would! It's very simple, change your reed petals for Hi-Tech fibre ones from Crooks-Suzuki. The Beamish manual suggests you change your reed petals every 6 months or so, I would bet that your bike is still on the reeds it left the factory with - most are! If you take off one of your reed petals and hold it between your finger and thumb then bend it the way it has been operating all these years then bend it the other way, you will find that it is much stronger bending it the opposite way to the way it's been working. This is metal fatigue. At some point your reed petal could break off and be sucked into your engine and do a lot more than £15 worth of damage. The good thing about the fibre reeds (apart from them working much better than your old ones) is that should they break up they won't do any damage as they are much softer than any other part they will come into contact with. I always fit new fibre reeds to any Beamish I rebuild or sell. Crooks are currently out of stock so I have told them to get some more in as I am sure you will be on the phone! Crooks Suzuki 01229 822120 - Hi-Tech part no HT-001. They are a bargain, I bought some Boysen reeds for a TY175 and they were £38!

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