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Lee Thornton

Suzy B Restoration

Purchased on February 19th 2023 after a 386 mile round trip!! Although I did treat Mrs T to a bag of chips and a walk on the beach.

Feb 23 - 1_edited.jpg
bc8cc1ad-c7b7-4d30-be71-2330f15b55c6 (1)_edited.jpg

February 21st 2023

Suzy B has been stripped

In Shed

!st day on the Bench
Feb 23 - 6.jpg
Wheels to be refurbed & forks need a good polish
Feb 23 - 5.jpg
3 hours in and already making good progress
Feb 23 - 7.jpg
Engine ready for rebuild
Feb 23 - 3.jpg
Cleaning up the frame
Engine Rebuild
March 15th 2023

Engine completely stripped. All new bearings and seals. The casing Head and Barrell have been vapor blasted. The Casings have all been repainted. New stainless screws in place where needed. Engine rebuilds now available. £400 + Parts

Engine 4_edited.jpg
Engine 7_edited.jpg
Engine 3_edited.jpg
Engine 1.jpg
Engine 1_edited.jpg
Engine 6_edited.jpg
Bits and Bobs
March 17th 2023
Now starting to collect refurbed parts ready to rebuild
Bits & bobs_edited.jpg
March 23rd 2023

Starting to test fit parts

March 23rd - 1_edited.jpg

Front Wheel Fitted

March 23rd - 2.jpg

First fitting of newly polished yokes

March 23rd - 3_edited.jpg

Tank now painted

March 23rd - 4_edited.jpg

And it fits

April 13th 2023

Starting final build

April 13th - 1.jpg
April 13th - 2.jpg
April 13th - 3_edited.jpg
April 23rd 2023

Out in the Sunshine

April 23rd - 1.jpg
April 23rd - 2_edited.jpg
May 9th 2023

Suzy B is finished

May 9th - 1_edited.jpg
May 9th - 6.jpg
May 9th - 3.jpg
May 9th 4_edited.jpg
May 9th - Rear.jpg
May 9th - 5.jpg

Complete with Beamish Owners Club Sticker

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